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We reserved DJ Amit for our GSCFL events. We had over 1000 members of different ages and music tastes. He came highly recommended and he most certainly delivered. We can honestly say, DJ Amit makes our events fun – the music was on point and all our members thoroughly enjoyed themselves and danced away.

He was well dressed for the occasion and arrived in good time for set up. He was very patient, professional and respectful to our guests who kept asking him for all sorts of music! I can honestly say he is one of the best DJs I’ve heard – technically as well as musically and he knows how to read the crowd very well.

The music played at Gujarati Society Events and other private events is fantastic. It‘s always the right balance of songs chosen. They make the atmosphere of the event lively. It is genuinely superb. Everyone has a great time with the awesome music of DJ Amit.

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